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Only baked pizzas of any kind.


Tue./fri. 12 - 24, sat./sun. 12 - 01


All credit cards, ticket restaurant.


Free delivery.


Large groups, by telephone arrangement.

Antica pizzeria dell'Angelo

081 - 542 20 01
Antica pizzeria dell'Angelo

Piazzetta Nilo 16 - 80134 Napoli (centro antico) -

Fifty years and do not feel 'em, this is the "motto" of "Antica pizzeria dell'Angelo".
A tradition counting on years of history and a unique trait, such as like the pizza with stuffed "cornicione", that do not slow us down instead speed up us to the future structure on a continue renewal.
Knowing Napoli means live unique spaces, crossing its narrows roads, the filled local shops and the bustle of everyday life.
Here you can discover how is possible to stop the time, where history turns into identity and genuine taste of life, the true engine that brings us to tomorrow.
Antica pizzeria dell'Angelo, settled into the famous Piazzetta Nilo, becomes witness and creator of a legendary gastronomy and culture, part of a Napoli always new that never betray their own roots.
Even the menu, rich of classic pizzas, is enriched everyday thanks to the experience and to the originality of our excellent "pizzaioli", they love to amaze and share their passion with tourists and local citizens.
Fifty years and do not feel 'em, this is what you will say when you will leave smiling Antica pizzeria dell'Angelo.
Maybe planning already the next occasion to come back.

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