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Goldsmith laboratory, watchmakers; selection of pearls, corals. Own brand of jewelry. Home delivery.
Expert advice from law firms and notary offices or homes.
Buying and selling of precious metals, collections of vintage watches.

Fuso 1958 Gioielli a Spaccanapoli

081 - 551 70 10
329 - 721 28 01

Via San Biagio dei Librai 22 - 80138 Napoli (centro antico)

Since 1958 Sergio Aldo Fuso, a student Ugo Alessandro Tamaro - a transplant from Trieste to Naples in 1936 - goldsmith and expert in precious stones, continues the tradition of his teacher to "Spaccanapoli", in the heart of Naples, supported by his sons Maurizio Stefania and Maria.

foto sede Fuso 1958 Gioielli a Spaccanapoli